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Strategic Documents

Strategic Business Plans — Financial Analysis Projects

Whether used for internal or external (e.g. fundraising) purposes, it is critical that business plans are professionally crafted with a focus on the market — not just the product. That is why the strategic business planning/financial analysis work provided by Mr. Carlen is highly effective for both internal and external (e.g. fundraising) purposes. Having worked on many of these projects, Mr. Carlen knows exactly what investors and other strategic partners need to see in such documents.

Market Assessments

The market assessment is among the most popular services provided by Know Thy Market. A thoroughly objective & comprehensive market assessment offers exceptional value to business executives and product innovators alike. The assessment includes:

Intellectual Property Valuation Documents

Along with assessing the market for a piece of intellectual property or a suite thereof, Mr. Carlen has leveraged his extensive patent assessment experience to develop a uniquely comprehensive analytical process that is able to determine a defensible value for almost any intellectual property.

Certified Business Valuations

The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) only grants its CVA credential to individuals with considerable professional experience in the valuation field. As the CEO of the NACVA, stated, “The CVA designation is an indication to the business, professional, and legal communities that recipients have met NACVA’s rigorous standards of professionalism, expertise, objectivity, and integrity in the field of business valuation, financial consulting, and related consulting disciplines." Know Thy Market's Joe Carlen, certified with the NACVA, is a licensed Certified Valuation Analyst.

Consequently, Carlen has the skill set for producing strong, defensible, and legally recognized business valuations. Among other purposes, such valuations are useful for estate planning, M&A transactions, financial & tax compliance, some corporate litigation scenarios, and internal strategic deliberations regarding the purchase or sale of equity. There are many quantitative and qualitative factors involved in such projects and Carlen is adept at assembling, integrating and analyzing all of these elements to arrive at a thoroughly analyzed, well-written and defensible valuation for any business.

“As a Certified Valuation Analyst, Joe Carlen knows how to discern value objectively. He did a very thorough valuation job on one of our businesses and we recommend him highly."

Richard and Christa Kofford
Oil Field Services, LLC & R&C Products, LLC

“Aside from being meticulously researched and very well-written, the business plan provided by Mr. Carlen was actionable, guiding us toward our strategic and financial objectives. Having served as a senior-level executive at Honeywell International for over 30 years, I can say with some authority that strategic documents of this caliber are a rare commodity in corporate America."

Warren Stillwell
Former Executive Vice-President & CIO

Honeywell International

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